2017 NHL Stadium Series jersey

During the Thanksgiving Showdown game this afternoon — between the Flyers and Rangers — NBC unveiled the new jersey the Pittsburgh Penguins will wear for the 2017 NHL Stadium Series at Heinz Field.It’s so different than anything they’ve worn before. The gold triangle normally situated behind the skating penguin is gone.Except you’re a captain, then it’s just been shrunk and moved up and to the right.The second the features four gold stars, likely marking the Penguins’ Stanley Cup championships, with crossed hockey sticks all inside a keystone shape — for the Keystone State.\
Regrettably, the video of the new Pens jersey doesn’t actually give us the total story.So we don’t yet know what the numbers will look like, whether they’ll be placed on the shoulders — since there seems to be no room on the sleeves — or if there are any stripes around the waist.
But that doesn’t affect what we think is a unique design, it’s so cool!