About Replica Rolex Air-King 14010 Full Review

Replica Rolex Air-King not only has a development history of more than 70 years, but also still exists in the market. In the 1930s, Rolex manufactured and launched a variety of Air models of replica watches. Initially, Air-King design concept was to commemorate the Royal Air Force. As one of Rolex’s oldest products, Air-King has undergone multiple updates since its birth in 1945. When looking at the early Air-King models, you will find that the original Hunter movement has been completely replaced by an automatic movement. So, today I will bring you a full review of the modern version of Air-King 14010.

replica Rolex Air-King watches

Classic Look

Air-King replica watches are available in four sizes of 26MM, 31MM, 34MM and 36MM. In addition to the size, they also have black, white, silver and blue dials. But what I show you today is a 34MM Air-King with a black dial. In terms of appearance, although the size of the watch is only 34MM, it does not look petite. On the 34MM steel case, you can not only see the simple black dial, but also the unique rotatable bezel.

replica Rolex Air-King 14010 watches

At a glance, the dial of the replica Rolex Air-King 14010 is very simple, without a complicated date window. This means that you don’t need to spend a lot of effort setting up your watch. On the other hand, the dial only provides time, so it will be easier to read the time compared to a Rolex watch with a date window.

Excellent Function

In the choice of bracelet, replica Rolex Air-King 14010 uses an Oyster bracelet. This Oyster bracelet is not only the most comfortable of all bracelets, but also has extremely high corrosion resistance. Why? Because the entire watch is made of 904L stainless steel. This material is not only extremely robust, but also extremely resistant to corrosion. Compared with the watch industry standard 316L stainless steel, 904L stainless steel far exceeds it in all aspects. In addition, this style of bracelet is very suitable for daily or formal occasions.

replica Rolex Air-King

Let’s talk about the movement. Inside the 34MM case is the 3130 model automatic movement. This movement was born in 2001. Over the years, it has been used in replica Rolex Air-King, Explorer and Submariner. In terms of function, although the 3130 model movement can only display the time, it can also provide 48 hours of power. Obviously, this movement is not only practical, but also very reliable.

replica Rolex Air-King 14010 watches

Finally, the strong and water-resistant case protects the movement very well. There is no doubt that even if the replica Rolex Air-King 14010 comes into contact with water, there will be no problems. However, it should be noted that although the watch is waterproof, it is necessary to avoid frequent contact with water. In any case, the frequent contact of the watch with water will shorten its service life. In short, whether you want to buy Air-King or as a collectible, it is an ideal choice.