Beautiful Rolex GMT-Master 1675 watches Replica

GMT-Master 1675replica

One of the most striking watches of the Replica Rolex GMT-Master1675. The beautiful bezel consists of two colors, blue and red. It is therefore also one of the easiest watches Replica to recognize. And is the watch that many watch collectors like.

Black Dial

GMT-Master1675 uses a completely black painted face. It is worth noting that the Replica Rolex logo and name are engraved on the dial at noon. And above 6 o’clock the model of “GMT-Master” is engraved. All text on the ring is white, while the dial is golden text.

GMT-Master 1675replica1

Bracelet Style

The Replica Rolex GMT-Master 1675 is the first Rolex sports watch with both Oyster and Jubilee bracelet styles. You can wear it on the Jubilee bracelet, or you can choose a more fashionable and elegant choice. Watches have precise bracelets and end links, as well as small anniversary links. It can make the watch replica softer, very comfortable and elegant to wear on the wrist.

Automatic Timepiece

The Replica Rolex GMT-Master 1675 uses an automatic timepiece that is certified by the Astronomical Clock. It can be 1565 or 1575. The 1565 caliber is a clockwork of 25 jewels with 44 hours of power reserve and a speed of 18000 A / h. Caliber1575 is also a timepiece with 25 jewels but has a power reserve of 48 hours and a higher A / h speed. So that the user can set the time more accurately so that your watch can be set more precisely. Both movements are therefore very accurate and reliable.

GMT-Master 1675replica2

Nice Bezel

Initially, it was released as a red and blue two-way steel bezel. The Rolex GMT-Master 1675 rarely has a completely blue bezel, the so-called blueberry bezel. However, it is the red and blue bezels that stand out in the minds of most collectors and give this special replica watch the nickname “Pepsi”.

all in all, the Replica Rolex GMT Master 1675 has a unique two-tone bezel in red and blue. That is why it is a watch that collectors want and a truly unique antique watch. Visit replicamagic if necessary.

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