Breitling’s new diving replica watch, people love

Breitling has been supplying watches to pilots since very early, and the position of Breitling in the aviation field can be said to be very important. But aside from the aviation field that it is good at, Breitling can not only “go to heaven” but also “go into the sea.” Have you seen the new diving watch lovers of Breitling this year?
Breitling’s fake watches replica watches “considering thoughtful”, the size spans from 36 mm to 48 mm, which means that the new watch this time, not only considers male watch friends, but also considers female watch lovers. Nowadays, sports watches are more and more popular among women. Therefore, the range of “sanding nets” of the Breitling diving watch is basically unisex, which is undoubtedly a smart approach.

Breitling’s Super Ocean series emerged in the 1950s, when Willie Breitling launched the classic collection at the 25th anniversary of Breitling, which was also the era of the high-waterproof fake watch. The waterproof case of this super marine diving watch is under 20 atmospheres, ie theoretical water resistance up to 200 meters.201904111554964627462
The main changes in the diving watches of this year’s Breitling are handled on the new disk surface and the new surface, and the 46 mm case was only available in the Super Marine Culture series. This year, the Super Ocean Series added this size to the table friends. A size selection is also provided.
The case of the 48mm oversized model is made of another material, diamond-like (DLC) coated titanium, and the bezel is made of common titanium, but it is clear from the side, does it feel that the bezel has What kind of bulging feeling? At the same time, there is a locking device on the left side of the case to fix the rotating bezel.
The other 46 mm model is more special, and the case is made of black steel (diamond-like coated steel). Black steel may be unfamiliar to everyone. It is not simply a new material made of carbon in the steel material (the steel itself has a carbon content of 2 to 21%. If the steel contains only carbon, we It is called carbon steel, but steel with too high carbon content is not suitable for the case.) Black steel is a black film covered with a carbon structure on the steel surface. With this black film, the case is more resistant to corrosion and the surface looks more textured. The other three models (44, 42, 36 mm in diameter) are made of stainless steel.201904111554964627109
Before the Breitling Super Ocean watch had ever had more complicated functions such as world time and timing, but this time it returned to the simple big three. Moreover, the previous watch time scale is a Roman numeral or a rectangular time scale. This time, the Roman numerals were retained at the 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions, and the others were changed to trapezoidal time scales.
The LOGO of the Breitling Super Ocean Series watch retains the previously winged LOGO. Last year, Breitling changed the LOGO into a simple “B” logo. Many of the watchers said that the original LOGO was good-looking. The classic LOGO of the Breitling was preserved. However, in addition to the super-marine series and other biased sports models, most of the new watches such as aviation timing 1, aviation timing 8, super marine culture and other models are still designed with simple LOGO last year.

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