What Is The Difference Between Replica Rolex Submariner 16613 And 116613

Rolex Submariner16613replica

Let me briefly explain the difference between the classic 16613 and the new 116613.

The biggest change in my mind is the dial.

The new 116613 has a Replica Rolex “Maxi dial” design with larger markers and thicker hands. The entire dial also has vivid blue, compared to the rainbow color of the 16613 dials. The date magnifying glass on the sapphire glass also has an excellent reinforcing effect.

Rolex Submariner16613replica

In addition, 116613 also uses the new “uppercase” design that is featured in Rolex GMT IIc, Replica Submariner 116619 and other products. In comparison with 16613, this makes the 116613 cases and crown more visible.

Bracelet Upgrade

Eventually, bracelets and clasps were greatly upgraded from 16613 to 116613. The 116613 bracelet now consists entirely of sturdy links. In comparison with 16613, this will considerably extend the life of the watch Replica and the hollow middle chain is easily “stretched”. The lock is a new design that looks and feels higher than the old lock on the 16613.


Difference Between Movements

Both Rolex Replica Submariner 16613 and 116613 use Rolex 3135 movements and have a 48-hour power reserve. However, the version is Cal. Inside the newer model 3135. Because 116613 is equipped with an upgraded paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, it is better resistant to shock and temperature changes.

Rolex Submariner16613replica1

The appearance of Rolex Replica Submariner 116613 is clearly more modern, but still has many similarities with ref. The 16613 shape is a universal two-color coating with similar color options for the dial and bezel. With the same waterproof function and oyster strap, it is comfortable to wear and can be adjusted without tools on the wetsuit.

So ultimately, whether you like classic diving watches or modern diving watches. Welcome to our replicamagic website, there are different types of Replica watches that you can choose from.

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