Henry Moss Time Creative Series Red Gold Big Three Needle Electric Light Blue Concept replica watch

The watch dial design is also like the fashion design, there are complex and beautiful, simple and simple. But when it comes to today’s fashion watches, the fashion mainstream should still be based on complex publicity, but there are still some brands that stick to their own creative bottom line, insisting on the consistent minimalist style. This brand is Henry Moss. When talking about Henry Moss, everyone was impressed with the simple dial design of its great creator! However, Henry Moore is not satisfied with the recent launch of this Henry Moore, the ingenuity of the series, the red gold, the big three-pin, the electro-optical blue concept, the fake watches, which are pushing the minimalism to a new level, the electro-optic blue dial. In addition to the simplest central hour and minute hand, there is nothing else, even the brand logo is omitted.
As early as the beginning of the phoenix nirvana of Henry Moss, the world was shocked by the very simple perpetual calendar dial. This perpetual calendar has no common weekly calendar, month dial or window, only a short pointer in the center, you never imagined This is a complex perpetual calendar watch. However, compared with today’s Henry Moss Time Warrior series red gold model big three-pin electro-optic blue concept fake watch watch is still a small witch, Henry Moss time mark, brand name, Logo are erased, only the central Three long hour and second hands, the hour and minute hands are also the gold willow needles used by Henry Moss. They have an ancient taste and are reflected in the sky blue fumé dial. The brand is called electric blue, which is a gorgeous one. The texture of the sunburst pattern, from the outer edge of the dial to the center gradually from dark to bright, has a subtle rendering level effect.15543571576183
H. Moser’s watch is very beautiful, the only flaw is that H.Moser’s crystal does not seem to be anti-glare treatment, and the reflective glare is very strong. A slight impact on the visual effect. Obviously, this dial time reading is not rigorous enough, because there is no scale, see how you look at this watch, the pursuit of precision consumers is clearly not the target group, only those who use their simple timepiece as a wrist accessory Suitable.
The Henry Moss Time Ingenious Series Red Gold Big Three-Piece Electric Light Blue Concept Watch has a very simple and elegant dial design, but after the watch is turned over, the sapphire back is a beautiful and beautiful hand-wound HMC 343 movement. This is a simple functional movement produced by Henry Moss, but it also has the HM’s signature movement technology: it can quickly disassemble the interchangeable escapement. The balance splint is the inverted V shape of HM. The gold escape wheel and the pallet fork, as well as the Straumann Straumann hairspring produced by Moser’s sister company Precision Engineering, have a winding curve on the Breguet, with a three-day power reserve.
Of course, this HMC 343 calibre is relatively simple in terms of structure. It can’t be regarded as the top level in grinding. For example, the movement should be polished. The top balance wheel splint is only brushed instead of the top black mirror polishing, fixed gold sleeve. The screw handling is very simple. The chamfering of the splint is the machine. It is relatively simple to handle at some finishing ends, but the overall look is still eye-catching!
The Hungry Moore Innovator series red gold three-pin electro-optical blue concept watch has a simple function, so the size of the watch is a typical dressing table range, diameter: 40.8 mm thickness: 10.9 mm, the bezel has a concave shape, with the lug The side recesses seem to be smaller, the front of the case is mirror polished, the side is brushed; the onion-head large crown is hand-wound and smooth.

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