Is The Fake Rolex Sky-Dweller A GMT Watch?

fake Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934

Fake Rolex not only has a 100-year history of watch development but also has always occupied a leading position in the watch industry. What I want to say is that in the course of a hundred years of development, GMT watches accounted for more than half of Rolex’s development time. When you know this fact, I think you will be very surprised like me. However, apart from GMT-Master and Explorer II, is the new Sky-Dweller dual time zone calendar watch a GMT watch? With this question, please read this article carefully.

fake Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934

Fake Rolex GMT

Fake Rolex GMT is the most practical watch. What is GMT? Simply put, GMT watches must not only have dual time zone display functions but also have independent 12-hour hands. So how to distinguish between dual time zones? You can think of it this way, with an independent 12-hour hand is the local time, and the 24-hour display is the second time zone.

Additional note: You need to know that not all watches with dual time zones are GMT watches. However, as long as it is a GMT watch, it must have a dual time zone function.

fake Rolex Sky-Dweller 42MM 326934


Look closely at the blue dial of this fake Rolex Sky-Dweller 326934. Its second-time zone is not only displayed in 24 hours, but you can also adjust the time at any time. This behavior will not affect the operation of other hour hands and dials. Obviously, Rolex Sky-Dweller is a real GMT watch.

It is worth mentioning that 326934 not only has dual time zone functions but also has a complex annual calendar function. You can check this function at three o’clock on the dial. In general, Sky-Dweller with these practical functions will be the best watch for travelers worldwide.

fake Rolex Sky-Dweller steel 326934

Finally, this 42MM fake watch not only has an 18K white gold groove bezel but also has a double waterproof system. In addition, Sky-Dweller also uses a new 9001 movement. Therefore, whether it is waterproof or the accuracy of the watch, this 326934 watch is available. Believe me, it can provide you with the most convenient life anytime, anywhere.

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