Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series small seconds burgundy red replica watches

This exquisite, well-proportioned Reverso watch replica watches attracted almost everyone’s attention at this year’s Geneva show, and now we finally have the opportunity to get up close contact with this timepiece. Although this is not a new watch for itself, it is definitely one of my favorite Reverso watches. To say the reason, it must be attributed to its beautiful Burgundy. The red dial and the matching Casa Fagliano strap. Almost a year ago, the brand launched a similar work, which is also the design of the Casa Fagliano strap and dial, but it uses a blue theme. I still think this Burgundy red style is more charming.

The Reverso Tribute small seconds fake watch is slim and elegant, measuring 45.6mm long, 27.4mm wide and 8.6mm thick. Very delicate and very small, people can’t help but always want to play. Reverso flips, meaning that its body is rotatable, so it can be seen on the front and back. When turning the back of the watch to the front, it is not the bottom movement, but a flawless steel bottom cover. The idea of this design has been mentioned above, in order to allow polo players to protect their own mirrors when they wear them on the table. They will not be crushed by the flying clubs or the moving balls. Of course, today, this design has no use, because more people use Reverso as a dressing table, but this also brings a new meaning to this metal plate – carving. There are always some milestones in people’s lives, such as graduation, such as marriage, and carving is a good way to commemorate these occasions. It can be said that it brought Reverso freshmen.
The replica watch is equipped with the Calgary Cal.822/2, a straightforward manual winding movement that provides only time-and-minute function display. It is built in the workshop of the brand in Le Sangjie. Made of. It has a vibration frequency of 21600 vph and provides a 45-hour power reserve.
Of course, the strap it is equipped with is also top-notch. It is manufactured by Argentine leather boots manufacturers who produce the world’s finest leather boots for polo and equestrian sports. These straps have a very sporty feel, but their outstanding craftsmanship still makes them perfectly express the luxurious texture.
In the past seven to eight years, most of the timepieces with the Casa Fagliano strap are the most iconic pieces of the brand. Although this watch is only a small iterative upgrade, its charm is far superior to the past, personally think it is worth knowing.

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