Replica Rolex Explorer’s History

replica rolex 214270

Replica Rolex Explorer for exploration and production of the world’s highest sports watch. After more than half a century of continuous innovation, it has a simple appearance and precise reliability. Among Rolex’s many products, Explorer is an iconic daily multifunctional watch.

Explorer’s Origins

The 1950s was a decade of adventure. Humans worked hard to conquer nature and set foot on the highest peak in the world of adventure. In 1953, explorer Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay set foot on Mount Everest to prepare. For the test of this expedition, Rolex was the first to provide an Explorer model. And these watch replicas are made specifically for this bid.

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Significant Watches

Model 6089 is a special watch because the explorer was wearing it when he climbed Mount Everest. It can now be seen at the Bayer Museum in Switzerland, and Replica Rolex is of great significance in the expedition.

Replica Rolex Explorer

Innovative Watch

Rolex Explorer has been innovating for many years. Because the digital markers and hands are made of 18k gold, the design is more luxurious. The reference 214270 has a larger 39mm case, and the new size is just right. It also comes with new shock absorbers and folding clasps. Unlike most Replica Rolex watch, like, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal surface use. The rectangular hour sign uses a special luminescent material, which can maintain its brightness for 11 hours in the dark and emit a light green light.

All along, Replica Rolex Explorer is a typical sports watch. After years of continuous innovation, Explorer has become more and more suitable for modern people’s aesthetics. Simple design and variable use legible, it is a multi-functional watches replica suitable for everyday use.

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