Imitation Breitling Avenger Blackbird 44MM Watch

Imitation Breitling is a watch brand focused on aviation. They took design inspiration from the SR-71 fighter developed in the United States and introduced a new limited edition watch of the Avenger collection Blackbird Scout.

44MM Case

The 44MM case of the Blackbird watch is made of titanium, which is very lightweight. The surface of the watch is carbonitrided, showing a handsome pure black matte visual effect. Because of the matte visual effect, reflective interference can be avoided when moving. The lugs extending from the case use an inner curved design to make the entire line look smoother and very ergonomic.

Black Dial

This imitation watch black dial features striking large hour and luminous hands. At the same time, the calendar display window is equipped with a red border at 3 o’clock. Because of this design of Breitling, the clarity and readability of the watch in special environments are ensured. The dial matches the matte frosted strap, which is woven from nylon. Blackbird watches the unidirectionally rotating bezel with four bezel indicators, this design is not only more convenient for users to operate, but also ensure accurate timing.Imitation Breitling Avenger Blackbird

Caliber 17 Movement

Imitation Breitling Avenger Blackbird 44MM watch is equipped with Calibre 17 movement. This movement not only has strong reliability but also has the function of setting the date quickly. It has a power reserve of more than 40 hours, so you can safely leave it at home for a weekend. And the Blackbird watch is 200 meters waterproof, so you can rest assured that water activities.

Imitation Breitling Avenger Blackbird 44MM Watch

Obviously, imitation Breitling watches have excellent performance, precise timing, and practical functions. The bold and masculine design has a strong presence on the wrist. This is my personal favorite Avenger watch. If you are planning to buy a precise and lightweight watch, I recommend you buy it.

Imitation Rolex Buying Guide

Why Buy It?

When we made the decision to buy an imitation Rolex watch, there must be a reason to convince ourselves. So let’s start with the question “why” and explore the reasons for buying a Rolex watch.

Representative Meaning

Many people choose to buy Rolex watches in the name of the brand. Because, for them, Rolex watches are a sign of success and a status symbol

Practical Watch

Imitation Rolex Submariner 16613

In fact, Rolex is really expected. He has many powerful watches, such as imitation Rolex Submariner 16613 is a high-performance waterproof watch, water-resistant to 300 meters.

Secondly, it is worth mentioning the precision of Rolex watches. Personally, the most important thing when buying a watch is the accuracy of the watch. But this alone, many watches can not do. Can Rolex do it? In fact, it does. Rolex has done a great job in this regard and also holds a COSC Observatory certificate.


To put it bluntly, I particularly admire that every part of Rolex is made in-house. With excellent watchmaking technology, each Rolex imitation watch has excellent quality. As a result, the Rolex brand has achieved a very high reputation.Imitation Rolex Movement

Easy To Sell

Admittedly, Rolex’s brand awareness has laid the foundation for its resale. In the secondary market, Rolex imitation watches still occupy a certain position.


Although part of Rolex’s success is due to marketing methods, you must admit that their watches are also excellent! And Rolex has a number of material patents, which is unmatched by many brands.

First-Class Service

There is another reason why so many people are keen on Rolex watches. They have superb after-sales service! It is no exaggeration to say that no one can match Rolex.

After buying a Rolex, you can have a super high 5-year warranty. Because Rolex watch parts are made in-house, if the watch needs repairs, it will reach its peak when it comes back! I don’t think any company will be more confident than Rolex´╝ü

Imitation Rolex Watch


In the end, it’s like their evaluation of yourself” a watch that lasts a lifetime.” We have to admit that Rolex brands are trustworthy and watches are worth buying. As for the reasons for everyone’s choice, they are definitely different, such as high-cost performance, strong practicability, and good after-sales. I just want to tell you that you won’t regret choosing imitation Rolex!